Episode 9 With Mr Harish Kalyan (Actor)

Episode 9 With Mr Harish Kalyan (Actor)


Hi guys.

 I wanted to have this conversation to be livelier.

 So, today we have Harish Kalyan with us

 Thank you for having me doctor. I have been enjoying this conversation series.

 And I have watched all your previous videos, too.

 The last one was very heavy. 

 Main reason that I wanted to talk to you in this conversation series a lot of   youngsters nowadays have trouble doing things consistently.

 But you seem to be consistent in what you are doing.

 For example let's start from exercise.

 You are very clear taking care of your body.

 You are doing things consistently.

You practice Yoga do your exercises regularly.

 You are in the field of acting but still do it.

And this applies to anyone in any field.

 So what are your thoughts in it?

 Let's start from my fitness how important it is to take care of your health and to perform your day-to-day activities

 Harish:I was not like this before. And I was not even health-conscious.

Then after some point in time you get influenced by a lot of things especially social media.

 Then after I meet you and I got proper guidance. It is difficult to meet the right person and get the right kind of advice.

 Information is scattered everywhere on the social media and finding out the exact needs our body needs and fixing up a routine is what is more important.

 Once you find a routine then you have to stick to

 Ashwin: Consistency is doing things routinely day in and out.

 How important consistency is in exercise?

 Being an actor to me it is very important.

I think renita has mentioned in a previous video and in the past five or six years self-care has taken a major part people life.

 People are trying different methods and want to take care of their health

 People are now are aware of the situation but it is more important and how consistent we are in following the routine.

 Ashwin: Acting is a job. It's a profession and how does fitness help you with your job?

 Of course you need to look good on screen but apart from that I have seen you working long hours day and night and does fitness help you with this routine.

 The area a lot of actors and many inspiring stories. It may he 1 hour or long hours of shoot, to be present at that point of time physically and mentally it is important

 If I don’t work out that day I feel something uneasy. I will not have the right start for that day. It starts from there and helps me a lot in my profession too.

 Ashwin: Its good point. Barely if we do not work out, the particular day will be dull.

 Harish: Technically, You will not be in sync. Sometimes during long hours of shoot, I have difficulties, but doing exercise and yoga has helped me in such situations. It's not just for me, but for everyone. It will set you in the right path. In general exercise can be anything.

 Ashwin: Physical activity of any sort will set you in the right path.

 Speaking about Social media, there is a lot of negativity. Of court there is negativity

Anywhere you go. But it’s quite high on the social media and then is an aversion arising. Even I try to spread a lot of information on social media. Social media has become like newspapers I see it as a boon and it can be used for a lot of good things.

 Harish: Even I got to know about you on social media. I came to do something for the society through social media. I have learned a lot of good things on social media. Be it workout or lifestyle changes.

 I read a lot of quotes especially on Instagram. I always try to port something positive. I have seen a lot of good trips, I have been inspired many times. It is not about actors or politicians, but in general.

 The good thing I like about this conversation series, not only big Celebrities can participate, but anyone.

I am an actor and a few people know about me

But as a common man. I can meet anyone virtually, getting to know thee struggles, people with connect with those kind of personalities. People relate with themselves. A lot of good things happen on social media and is definitely a boon.

 Ashwin. Yes. It is a boon if used night. It’s a good point.

Being an actor or a doctor and getting the limelight is there. But for a common man it’s different-He is the real hero. Even yesterday I posted a video. A Ho year old woman with two kids. A special chill 13 years old and a 5 year old kid. The woman works as a tailor. On top of it she has to take care of her 12 years old special child 24 hours a day

She is a single mom and it’s all her responsibly. She is a real life hero and there are so many people like here. Every father & mother are real life heroes.

Harish: we are only looking at the people who have succeeded or have a status. But everyone is an inspiration. Being a doctor you meet a lot of people and you will know more such inspiring stories

 You might have a lot of interesting stories them such conversation series will be helpful.

 Ashwin: Yes it will definitely be useful

Looks don’t matter is not true. You have to look decent and good. But after one point in life I started accepting myself what naturally happened.

If you project your true self, then you will enjoy a comfort zone. Expressing the true self is more important to me now.

Harish: It reminds me of Rajini sir. He kept his original looks

Ashwin: It happens to everyone at a certain stage where they realize who they are and that is when they don’t care about smaller things in life. Deep inside, who you are and how you live your life is all that matters.

 I wish everyone should have this realization sooner. As a human being, I should be comfortable deep inside first. That is a problem I see with a lot of people. I used to be like that 10 years ago I wanted to look perfect and you can see that in my previous instagram posts. I look fresh. But now I feel more fresher them before

 Ultimately, the happiness deep inside you is all that matters.

Everything else will fall in place.

 I wanted to ask you Harish. How important is friendship in life.?

 Harish: I am so glad and happy and proud of my friends. From school days shill we are all together like a wolf pack. We are about 15 to 20 people and we do a lot of things together. I feel friendship is like a support system.

 It is a big support system and there is no charge in that

Your life will be better if you have friends around.

 Ashwin: Luckily you have a bunch of friends, but many don’t have the chance

 Harish: you don’t have to have a hot. Just one will do-for a lifetime

Friends are special because you can discuss anything with them without filters.

I see them as a support system.

Even if you have just one person, then you are blessed

 Ashwin: If you ever have lost a friend just because of your ego or something else, just go back to them, apologize and take back what you have lost

 Harish. There may have been many such situations. Recall that friend and take good care of him.

 Ashwin: you have been working really hard on your health and fitness for the last two years.

 Harish: I have been I see some posts, I said to myself that what I am today is good enough. I have never been out of shape nor in shape. I was somewhere in between.

 And when I met you, that is when I wanted a proper program and I started working out two years back and thanks to you doctor.

 Only if you could get proper guidance, you could do it

 Ashwin: I have seen your photos and it looks excellent and natural

 Harish. To make it happen in a natural way it takes time. I used to ask you for shortcuts but you explained me the disadvantages. I liked the journey very much. I am addicted to that in a good way.

 Ashwin. Now that your body is in sync and your body and mind are in balance.

 Harish: The journey has taught a lot of good things and what I thought was not possible, I was able to achieve. I will be posting the pictures soon on social media and many may think it is not a big deal

It is not about the physique or the six packs, but it is that I have never been in this shape before.

 I have become a better me now.

 Ashwin: It is a good point. You have to compare yourself with the previous you. It is a healthy comparison and you are seeing a better version of yourself

 Harish: Each person moves towards their own goals and desires. To me, it was a dream come true moment and I feel immensely happy seeing my pictures now. It is all the result of months of hard work.

I am waiting to release the pictures soon on social media.

 Ashwin: Without hard work and discipline, you will not get results. People should understand this.

 Hanna: I must thank you doctor. You were consistent tracking me. I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without your help.

You have guided me and have given me the new lifestyle and everything. You are a doctor and obviously you are helping a lot of people and I know that you never charge to those who cannot afford  be it a sugary or a consultation and the other things you do on social media like strength India movement and the supplements that you have started recently. All this put together, do you think it is the purpose of your life? To help or-motivate others.

 Ashwin. I was lucky Harish to know and Identity what was the purpose and at a very young age. Giving is the ultimate form of happiness. Be it love or sharing is the purpose of I life and figured that out and I structured my life.

 Harish: To add to that point, can you provide proper guidance to others as well, like the way you helped me, It will he help to others as well.

 Ashwin: It is a good idea and I will think about it

 I have talked about a lot of things in my videos, but I will discuss with my team and figure out a way to structure

We can create something for the larger population.

 Harish: I know you are a busy person, but if you can do it, it will be good.

 Ashwin: If I can help somebody I will gladly do it. If people are happy, I am happy. I always talk about happiness. And when our I see you, you are naturally a happy person.

  People attach happiness to a lot of things. I have asked this to a lot of people from all sorts. But you are a young guy. Everyone has their own ups and downs. What do you think is necessary to be happy for a longer period of time?

 Harish: I really don’t know the answer. Happiness is an emotion which is not permanent. Right now I am happy and in a few hours my mood can change. Life throws these emotions at you and you react to it.

 But to be consistency stable at one point, I think yoga helps me. I got introduced to yoga by you. Now I feel more relaxed.

 There are a lot of things let can bring the happiness to us.

 Ashwin- Nowadays a lot of youngsters take negativity seriously

Being in the media industry how do you handle negativity?

 Harish: I think social media is one of the main reasons for negativity

Everyone is online now and social media plays an important role in their lives. But I think the best way to avoid is to ignore it.

There are a lot of good things too in it. We always celebrate bad things and negativity. We talk too much about that. But we tend to give importance to good things.

 We enjoy other person’s sorrows. But we don’t appreciate the good things.

The best thing is to ignore negativity

A lot of songs have also stressed this fact, including Vijay sir's Master song. I am a big fan of Vijay Sir.

 Ashwin: Vijay is a good human being. He is humble and I had a chance once to speak to him. He is a down to earth person.

 Harish: There is no way to get rid of it, but to just ignore it
When I came to the industry 10 years, everyone used to say I am a fun loving person. I always be myself and lead my life. People may think I have got everything I wanted, but I have my own issues.

 Ashwin: It may look fancy for outriders, but each person has their own struggles. Everyone has gone through a journey.

 So don’t get carried away and don’t get jealous. There is a lot behind the success.

 Harish: Even I am from a normal middle class family and my dad is anormal business person. As I grew older things changed. Even this day I am a normal person.

Ashwin: In this generation, how important it is to respect parents? I know how you are treat your parents. But how important it is for youngsters?

 Harish: The life that you enjoy is because of what your dad has done to you. It’s the love they showered on me is what I am giving them back. Children have to respect and love their parents unconditionally.

 Ashwin. I think we have to be more patient on our parents.

Sometimes I won’t even reply to my mom. But it was all back in the early days. They might be busy with work as so many other factors.

 Harish: Even if you are a successful person, if you don’t have your family, friends and those who here then there is no point for the success

 Ashwin: Well said. You are a very young guy but you seem to have understood the basic which oven some adults don’t get it.
Everyone should have this understanding. Money, fame, are not the only things that define success, but one should not focus only that. We should not lose our loved ones just for the sake of success.

 Harish: I wanted to ask you for a long time. How do you balance your day to day routine, family, work etc? I know you as an early riser but how do you mange?

 Ashwin: Priority is the key. Set your priorities clear. Define whom do you want to be ad keep note things to my body. I never compromise my family time.

 If you plan to live your life in a balanced way, it might itself be a pressure to you. There is nothing called balance 

You should be unbalanced, not physiologically but how you structure your life. Keep your fundamentals right. Prioritize your life and proceed further. A lot of people are unable to balance because they don’t know what they want in life.

 If you prioritize and define the things you want, then our life would propel itself.

 This conversation thing is tough for me to do, but it’s fun for me. It is going to help people so that is why I do it. I've got that purpose clear in my life.

Each person have their own prioritizes and it varies. For some people they don’t have anything as objectives

 Harish: As you said for some it may he eating. So what if he eats crazy like every day.

 Ashwin: Even I like to eat. But that does not mean you can eat everything and spoil your life. Some like to drink because it gives happiness to them. But do you think drinking is good for you?

Don’t do things that damages your mind & body. Follow some stable things that bring happiness to you.

 Harish: For example, you like to have something like a eat like sweet or sugar, it should be taken in portions that doesn’t harm your health

 Ashwin: Yes. Of course you can eat a few pieces, but you cannot eat every day. Weekly once is ok.

 Harish: Talking about cinema? What was the last movie that you saw and what is your thought about cinema?

 Ashwin: I love music.

I like AR Rahman and is one human being whom I look up to. He is an inspiration and so a genius. For a Person to be focused so much for the past 30 years, it is not easy and normal. It is the highest a human being can perform.

 He said his habits help him. You take all those successful people, they all have succeeded in life because of their habits.

 He is also humble and grounded. He said he prays 5 times every day. Success is a process where you put your heart and soul into it and do your best.

 Harish: As you said fundamentals can you point some 5 basic tthings here doctor?

 Ashwin: First is exercise. Seconed thing is yoga. Number three is your food. You can eat anything you want but should be limited.

Plus be humble. Treat others equally.

Enjoy the process you are doing. There are any fundamentals. Each one will have their own ad they have to identify what they are.

I don’t work on the fundamentals every day, but I plan my day.

Every week I take my time off.

 The first and foremost is to wake up early. I wake up at 4. Your brain is fresh and at its highest performs stale when you wake up. Don’t Start

Your day without a plan. Otherwise it will not be in sync with what you want to do.

 Harish: Going off tack even for a couple of days can completely change your goals. But how to balance such weekend offs or mange it

 Ashwin: I would give you one tip which has helped me for the past 20 years.

The first thing to do when you wake up is do some sort of activity. When you do that there are certain neurologic actions in your body that naturally syncs your body and mind. You will not do things that

harm yourself. It’s as simple as that.

 Do some sort of physical activity in the Moring.

 Harish: It's a good point and it’s also simple. Everyone can do it. But it has to be planned.

 Ashwin: To be efficient and work faster, it is always good to rise early. If you cannot at least find some compensation mechanism that works for you. Sleep for 6 or 7 hours. I hour exercise will do wonders. Also once in a week, stop speaking with everyone and dedicate it for yourself.

 Harish: what do you do during that time doctor?

 Ashwin. You sit with yourself. Initially it may be tough but later you will enjoy.

 Avoid all the distractions and enjoy peace once we a week. I always do it on Sunday evenings and you will have a lot of clarity in life. Word is throwing so many things at us and you need that quality time to understand yourself. Sit and connect with yourself.

 Ashwin: I hope the conversation was useful to you all.

We have talked a lot and had fun. Last conversation was a tough one-

There would have been some kind of good thing that was helpful to you from watching this video. Get hold of it and move your life towards it

Wish you all a happy life. If you are happy success will come to you. Many don’t understand this and it will not work the other way around.

 It is not like that. Live happily every second of your life and structure your life and soon you will be a successful person.

 Being happy is invaluable. Whatever you feel please post in the comments and hope you like Harish Kalyan.

 I always spot talent a little early. I get the feeling when I see talented people. I hope this conversation makes sense for you.

 Harish: Thank you doctor. Thank you for hang me here. Thank you everyone - Thank you for inspiring me and a lot of others here.

 See you all. Bye.

Thank you. Take care.


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