Episode 23 with Ms Jaya & Ms Sudha (LGBTQIA+ Activists)

Episode 23 with Ms Jaya & Ms Sudha (LGBTQIA+ Activists)



Hey Guys Today’s conversation series is about Mother’s Day. Upon your request, my mother is here with me today for the conversation series. It’s going to be a casual run through, an informal conversation. Thank you so much.

Mom: My sincere thanks to Instrength for calling me on this mother’s day. There are so many persons out there. I feel so happy and proud to talk with my son here. Every mother will feel the same.

Ashwin: So far I have not shared my family or personal photos on the social media. This is the first time I shared on Women’s day. I shared your photo.

Mom: The response was huge and I got a lot of calls. I was so surprised. A lot of my old friends called and said they did not know that Ashwin was your son. They shared their happiness and experiences with me. They were so inspired by your motivational videos and simple medicinal tips that you have posted. Each one shared a difference experience.

Ashwin: I usually don’t share personal photos. But there were a lot of requests to bring you on stage. I know that I am mentally strong and the sole reason for my strength is you. I have seen you right from my childhood and I know the things that you have done to lead life. I never disclosed my discomforts to you or to anyone else. I will not make an issue out of my problems. We should handle our situations. I father passed away way too early when I was born and I have never seen him too. But we were a joint family and that helped me a lot. She taught us to face the world with all the courage. She taught us to do good things. It was within us and runs in the family too. I wanted to make use of this opportunity to thank my uncles, aunties and all other relatives who raised me, helped me to be whom I am now. You have gone through tremendous pain in raising me single handedly. You were wearing an artificial support system and used to go to work early in the morning.

Mom: It is a caliber. It is not a completely artificial leg.

Ashwin: Ok. I have seen many inspiring personalities but right from the young age, you are my first inspiration. What did you tell yourself at that time to lead your life through the pain? How did you motivate yourself? Because there are a lot of parents, single moms and single dads watching this video and this could be helpful to them.

Mom: It was a bit hit for me and was a traumatic period in my life. I completed my studies in the 1970s and society was not ready for the females and there were lesser opportunities for us at that time. Girl children were forced into marriages and that was the concept back then. Educating a girl child was not a priority. But I said I want to study. I have seen the difficulties of being single mom. I witnessed the struggles of my widow mother who strived so hard to raise us. This has left a great impact on me. So my goal was to pursue my studies, get a job and then later decide on getting married. There was have pressure, but I was adamant and continued to study further.

Ashwin: You know I was not a normal kid. I was a mischievous child. How did you handle?

Mom: Yes. You were a mischievous child. But kids are like that. I used to drop you at school and leave to work. But the young age from LKG to 5th standards, those were the years I had some minor difficulties. But you had clean habits and was a healthy child. You were a very cooperative child and I was worry free most of the time.

Ashwin: Handling me as a teenager was also not easy for you. I ran into problems most of the time. But his journey to the village Kottaipetti. He was shocked to see a completely different way of live being followed there. It was a turning point in his life. The thought of doing good things to others and caring for fellow human beings started from that point in his life. We were not behind his earnings. We never thought about it. His in-laws are really good people and he is lucky to have such people in life. I also maintain a mother to daughter relationship with my daughter-in-law. She is a wonderful person too. It’s been 12 years now and they are a perfect couple. They have two cute little boys. My son is blessed to have such a family.

Ashwin: I have shared a lot of things which I have never shared with the media before. Thanks a lot mom.

Mom: I wanted to thank the entire instrength team for the opportunity. I want you all to succeed in what you are doing now. As a mother I pray to the lord to give you all the strength and health.

Ashwin: Hope you all know more about me now. It’s been a long time since I had such a conversation with my mother. It was fun. The objective of this conversation is to help you find your answers in life. Thank you so much. Please post your comments and we will meet in another conversation.

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