Microwave Cooking - Good or Bad?

Microwave Cooking - Good or Bad?

Hello Friends,

Is microwave cooking bad for health? There are some researchers who do an unbiased study on the topic. Some are my friends too and I get in touch with them regularly to know the actual facts of such topics.

There was even a rumor saying microwave cooking leads to cancer. But nothing has been proved so far straightforwardly.

The frequency of the electromagnetic waves in a microwave is way too low to create any harm to your body. I would want this topic to be discussed with my friend who is an engineer, who would explain it better, but I wanted to keep this video short.

There are no molecule-level changes happening while cooking in a microwave.

Looking at all the research studies so far, it is not a big concern to be worried about. Even though it does not harm you, if it's still a concern for you, you can use class utensils while cooking in a microwave.

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