To be happy, you need to understand this

To be happy, you need to understand this


Hey Guys!

As I always say, it takes a lot of courage to be kind and to express your love to others. The reason I wanted to bring this up now is, in today's current situation, I see a lot of young people in the age group of 35 to 40 holding long faces, feeling sad most of the time, and have lost their liveliness altogether. The major reason for this is because they are not able to express their love to someone.

A previous incident in their lives may have been a reason too. But it has become a pattern now and people have lost their happiness.

Whether it may be a man or a woman or expressing love on your children or even showing love to oneself, one needs to pull themselves up and be courageous. Otherwise, you will never have happiness in your life.

You may feel rejected at times. Some may deject you and some may even take you for granted. It's ok. But you should not allow such thoughts to grow in you. This has been said and practiced for ages together. Throw away such nonsense thoughts and start showering your love to others. Stop expecting in return.

Expressing your love and affection is due to your broad-mindedness and it is your quality. When you expect the same from others, then it is not your quality. Don't make that mistake again.

Start showing your love. Those who dare to show love to others are on another level. I am one such person and I am with you. Share your love with others. Live happily. Don't lose hope and liveliness in life. Be brave and love everyone. Love you all.

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  • I am following you very long time your motivational speech awesome

    Buma on
  • I salute you Dr for your bravery and determination. May God continue to bless you and all your endeavors. Thankyou so much dr 🙏

    Salo on

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