Exercises for BRAIN health

Exercises for BRAIN health

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What are the exercises that are good for brain health? This is today's question.
Aerobic exercises are the best for brain health. Exercises that increase the supply of oxygen are all good.

Running, jogging and even walking is good. Walking is the most underrated exercise but is very effective.
Swimming, cycling, or any kind of sport like tennis, basketball, volleyball all fall under aerobic exercises.

When you are involved in such activities, the oxygen circulation to the brain increases. Additionally, it helps to form new cells in the brain.

It also increases the efficiency of the areas in the brain which are responsible for focus and concentration.

We also have an important part in our brain called the hippocampus. Exercising helps improve the efficiency of this region.

You will have a stable mood and help the secretion of sleep hormones which induces sleep.

There are so many benefits due to aerobic exercises and it directly affects your brain.
These are the exercises that you should be doing to keep your brain healthy.

Aerobics can be started as early as 10 years. It is good to start early. Our human body responds differently based on our age. 20 to 35 years people can do up to 4 hours every day and your body can take it.

If you fall between the 35 -50 age group, 1 - 1.30 hours is sufficient. Above 50, you can practice 30-45 minutes every day.

If you are already accustomed to doing exercises for a longer period, it does not matter because your body is already used to workouts.

For newcomers, please follow these timelines. A minimum of 30 minutes of walking is amazing. It does wonders to your brain. Not just your brain but for the whole body.

As I always tell you, our body is our responsibility and we should know what is good for our health.

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