Brain Detox | Insomnia

Brain Detox | Insomnia


Brain Detox We have been talking about detox lately and most of the time the credit goes to kidneys and liver. But the truth is, the brain is doing its part every day to help detox our body. Many do not understand this. Though you may eat and sleep normally, you may feel lethargic and uninterested in your daily activities. You may not be a brisk person on the whole no matter what you do. Your brain may not be active functionally. So, let’s learn about it today.

When the brain is clogged and not at its full capacity, you feel tired, lethargic, and won’t be able to take any clear decisions. It is called brain fog. There will be sleeplessness and headache. Some will experience absentmindedness or even Alzheimer’s diseases. These are the symptoms of brain fog.

Let’s talk about the common causes first.

Smoking and consuming alcohol on a regular basis can be the root cause. Secondly, fast food also contributes to the problem. Eating fast food once or twice a week is ok. But it should not become a regular habit of eating packaged and processed food.

Wifi connections are also one major reason. There are much researches going on around the topic. Due to the electromagnetic field all around us, it is causing certain disturbances in our brain. Sleep deprivation can also be a reason for brain fog. Youngsters who on mobile phones most of the time hardly get around 3-4 hours of good sleep. Your brain and body get confused because of the white light emitted from the devices.

We all know about the lymphatic system, but there is something called the glymphatic system. It is the system that helps detox our brain. There is a component called beta-amyloid protein in the system. It works efficiently only when you have adequate sleep. If the lymphatic system works properly, we can avoid brain-related and energy deprivation problems.

So how to detox your brain. Ill break it down for you in 5 simple steps.

Number 1. Intermittent fasting. I have already published a video about it. Intermittent fasting helps boost mitochondrial activity and helps detox the brain faster. It helps the glymphatic system work efficiently. Intermittent fasting is very good.

If you are a healthy person you can start right away. If you have any health issues, you can consult your doctor and get started. Try to bring some sort of fasting into your lifestyle. Consult a doctor to see which kind of fasting suits your body and make it a habit.

Secondly, prioritize your sleeping habit. Do not take it lightly. Fix a standard time to go to bed and similarly wake up at a set time regularly. It should become a regularity. For those who are busy, there is nothing more important than taking care of your own health. If you think you can prioritize, then you can do it. I am just saying this out of love. Prioritize health. Try to avoid cell phones or e-devices 2 hours before going to bed. These devices can affect your sleep for sure.

Thirdly, try these foods which can help you detox your brain. Tomatoes, turmeric, greens, oranges, sweet potato are some of the foods that can help. Try to avoid white sugar, processed and packaged food. Avoid drinking coffee before going to bed. Avoid eating heavy food for your dinner. If you have a heavy meal, most of your blood goes to your GI system to digest the food. Your brain will not have enough blood supply to detox. It is not a good thing also.

Fourth, many people have the habit of drinking alcohol before going to bed. It is a very bad habit. I would say to avoid alcohol on the whole, but those who cannot stop it completely, try to avoid it before bedtime. It is not a good habit at all. Most people don’t know about it.

Finally, exercise helps you detox your brain. To simply explain, exercise increases oxygenation and boost cellular activity thereby glymphatic system works efficiently. Exercise is very important for brain detox. Hope you all understood the common things that can help detox your brain.

Brain detox is very important. Hope this video helps you to detox your brain. Try to follow and do the things you can if you cannot follow everything.

 If you think this information is useful to you, kindly do share it with your nears and dears. Please WhatsApp your name and city to +91 9047793777 to get videos and updates.

If you think this information is useful to you, kindly do share it with your nears and dears. Please WhatsApp your name and city to +91 9047793777 to get videos and updates.



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